Professional massage therapist and yoga practitioner offering unique style full body massage of your choice from relaxing to sport deep tissue with elements of Hawaiian style Lomi Lomi, fascia release, aromatherapy and yoga stretching.

I am fond of traveling around the world, discovering beauty of our planet, distant cultures and holistic therapies. I was living a busy lifestyle in London when I discovered my passion for yoga and massage. This discovery changed my life. I pursued professional training and received international accreditation in massage therapy in London in 2019. My new journey started since then.

During my travels I observed different styles and benefits of quality massage offered by highly qualified therapists around the world. It became evident to me that massage is not just a treatment but an experience of superb quality combined with knowledge of our body and benefits of touch enabling us to ground our focus to our inner peace.

Now I have a chance to live in beautiful Barcelona and invite you to share your massage journey with me.

️‍ LGBTQ community, all ages and genders are very welcome!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule your tailored experience.